Profile of Patricio Glonek


Name: Patricio Glonek
Age: 25 years old
Place of birth: Hameln (Germany)
Height / Weight: 1,97 m & 104 kg.

Which sizes do you prefer to wear?
The size I prefer to wear for the tops, such as hoodies, t-shirts and oversized shirts, are usually XXL. I wear shorts & jogging pants in XL.

What are your hobbies?
As you can easily see, I am a bodybuilder. The love for the sport also explains the sizes which I prefer to wear, because it is more comfortable for us bodybuilders and offers more freedom during training.

Among other things, I love to be in front of the camera as a model. I also write the scripts and direct new projects. My goal is to be able to present the new products to all customers in the most entertaining way possible. The whole thing always happens in good cooperation with our cameraman. That's why we can offer you a great show.

How long have you been part of the Croatia Fanshop team and part of Ekipa?
I've been part of the Croatia Fanshop team for almost 2 years.
At that time, Croatia-Fanshop was still a "small shop" and I was actually approached personally by the managing director on Instagram. He liked my profile & the professional way I present myself in the pictures.

I was very pleased and knew straight away that I wanted to work with the Croatia-Fanshop team. This decision was the best decision of my life for me, because the values ​​you share correspond exactly to my values. The love & pride for Croatia, the then and also the current collections, products and styles. You stay true to yourself and proudly present our country on the web. Something like that cannot be taken for granted and I respect this attitude very much.

What is the biggest plus for the customers?
Definitely the service. By that I mean the good customer support, which always tries to make the customer happy. The high quality of the products, of course. In addition, Croatia-Fanshop offers the most unique designs with great attention to detail - definitely no shop can keep up.
There are even very often competitions organized. I also appreciate the fact that customers have the opportunity to participate before each new collection by taking part in surveys and making suggestions.

What is your favorite place in Croatia? 

Very easily! I love everything about Croatia! I can't even name a single place! The love for my homeland affects the whole country, our culture, the values ​​we share and our patriotic pride to which I will remain loyal to our country until the end.

What is your favorite food? (...)
Čevapcici with Lepinja, because with this meal you are very close to home and it just always tastes good.

What is your biggest dream / wish?
My greatest wish is one day to emigrate with my family, to be close to my relatives in Croatia and to enjoy life happily in peace.

As difficult as this path may be, I see it as my job. I will continue to fight ambitiously for this path so that I can make this dream possible for myself and my family.

It is my home, the love that I would give for this country, but also death if the country were threatened and facing another war. I live in Germany, only the heart beats for me in Croatia! It has always been and will always be so.

Your last words in the profile
Dakle, Bog nam daje snagu i Isusov blagoslov nas vodi, zajedno možemo postići svaki cilj!